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Venous thromboembolism incidence in unilateral versus bilateral total knee joint replacement نايف عبدالله آل نويهض

Abstract Background:

The commonest joint replacement performed around the world as well as in Prince Sultan Military Medical City (PSMMC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is total knee joint replacement (TKR). Bilateral TK requires single anesthesia, short hospital stay, single rehabilitation, and is cost-effective. However, some post-TKR risks have been reported

Naif Bin Nwihadh,1 Mohammed Al Harbi,2 Abdulrahman N Shebly,3 Husameldin Osama Bashir,4 Mohammed Ali Al-Ruwaili,3 Abdullah Osamah Mirdad,1 Bashir Alenazi3 1 surgery Department, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia 2 Qassim University, Saudi Arabia 3 Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Saudi Arabia 4 National Ribat University, Saudi Arabia

A Rare Case of Complex Occult Spinal Dysraphism with Association of Asymptomatic Tethered Cord Syndrome نايف عبدالله آل نويهض

ABSTRACT We present the case of a 62-year-old female housewife who reported non-specific back pain for the past 35 years. Without neurological symptoms, A complex occult spinal dysraphism and a tethered cord syndrome was diagnosed.

Effectiveness of Exercise Protocols in Treatment of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Prospective Comparative Study نايف عبدالله آل نويهض

Effectiveness of Exercise Protocols in Treatment of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Prospective Comparative Study 

Prevalence of Dyslipidemia in None Diabetic Sudanese Patients with End Stage Renal Disease on Regular Hemodialysis محمد احمد نور الدين محمد احمد
Acute Hemorrhagic Edema with extensive truck involvement and Rhinovirus infection association عبدالرحمن ابراهيم المريشد

Acute Hemorrhagic Edema (AHE) is a rare form of leukocytoclastic vasculitis with an unknown etiology. There are various possible triggers associated with the development of AHE such as Upper Respiratory Tract related infections which have been reported in the literature. A typical case of AHE is a child less than 2 years of age having the symptoms of fever, Acral Targetoid Purpura, and Edema. The course of this illness is benign with a complete resolution within few weeks. This case report involves a patient having the classical symptoms of fever, Purpura and Edema, but with an unusual extensive truncal involvement. Moreover, Rhinovirus infection testing was positive in the child’s case. The presence of the virus gives a suspicion of being the possible trigger for the boy’s AHE. In the previous hospital, the treatment started with steroid for a course of one week without a significant improvement which brought the patients to the Emergency department. A decision of continuing a supportive treatment led to a complete resolution. After 3 weeks the AHE symptoms were gone without any complications

Assessment of Levels of knowledge, attitude and practice about diabetes mellitus (DM), its complications and self-management of diabetic patients in AlKharj city, Saudi Arabia - See more at: http://www.journalijar.com/article/3827/assessment-of-levels-of- محمد عبدالرازق محمد

Abstract: Background: Levels of knowledge, attitude and practice about diabetes mellitus (DM), its complications and self-management in AlKharj city are unknown despite the high prevalence of DM in Saudi Arabia. Objectives: To assess type 2 diabetic patients knowledge, attitude and practice regarding diabetes and its complications, particularly ocular and self-management. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted included diabetic patients (type 2) over 20 years old,who attended the outpatient clinics at selected primary health care centers,king khalid and university hospitals at Al-Kharj throughout the period from September 1st to November 30, 2013. A questionnaire included questions designed to assess patients’ general understanding of DM, its complications and management options as well as their attitude towards diabetes and its management and their practices in this regard was used. Results: The study included 393 type 2 diabetic patients. One-hundred sixty three patients (41.5%) were in the age group (40-59) years. Slightly more than half of them (51.9%) were males. More than half of respondents (57%) had average knowledge while only 17% had poor knowledge and 26% had good knowledge regarding fundamental aspects of DM and its management. Almost a fifth (19.1%) of type 2 diabetic patients never been examined by ophthalmologist. Conclusion: In this study, type 2 diabetic subjects in AlKharj city had a significant knowledge of DM and its management. However, there was a clear gap between their knowledge and practice regarding ocular complications. These results highlight the need for educational and awareness programmes that reinforces the need for regular eye examinations. -...

Evaluation of the effect of low-level diode laser therapy applied during the bone consolidation period following mandibular distraction osteogenesis in the human محمد عبدالرازق محمد

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on new bone formation obtained by distraction osteogenesis in the early consolidation period. Ten selected patients with bilateral mandibular retrusion seen at the Nasser Institute Hospital, Egypt between June 2009 and June 2012 underwent this clinical trial; seven were female and three were male, and their mean age was 31 ± 5.1 years. The left mandible of each patient was assigned to group A (n...


ABSTRACT Background: Intra-abdominal adhesions after laparotomy is common surgical problem, it is considered as the main cause of postoperative intestinal obstruction, and also associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. Aim of the work: This study was designed to evaluate postoperative adhesive intestinal obstruction (PAIO) with relation to types of the previously used surgical procedure, Also postoperative period will be correlated in the same study group. Patients and Methods: A retrospective study on total of 438 adult patient were operated on for intestinal obstruction in Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Saudi Arabia (tertiary referral hospital) between January 2006 and December 2014, 259 male (59.1%) and 179 female (40.9%).About399 patient (91.1%) had previous one or more laparotomies as appendectomy (n=182, %=41.6), cholecystectomy (n= 129,%= 29.5), gynecological surgery (n= 25,%= 4.8), right hemi colectomy(n= 18, %=4.1 ), left hemi colectomy (n= 19, %=4.3), total colectomy (n=11, %=2.5), perforated duodenal ulcer(n= 9 %= 2.1) or rectal surgery (n= 6, %= 1.6), 39 patient (8.9%) presented with adhesive intestinal obstruction had no previous abdominal surgical. Conclusion: Post-operative adhesions are the most common causes of intestinal obstruction in surgical patients presenting at our hospital, Previous laparotomy and type of surgery affect largely on occurrence of adhesive intestinal obstruction, also follow up of patients during the first post-operative month can detect and prevent more than 26 % of the post-operative intraabdominal adhesions.

TOBACCO USE IN FOOD FACILITIES IN RIYADH 2011-2012 د. سعود عبدالله العبودي


Prof.Ahmad Mandil



Due to the large effects of smoking and draws many countries to prevent the use of tobacco in public places and food facilities, there is need to know the effect of the smoking on the community.

Among the most important things that is linked to tobacco use in society is to be used in the food facilities areas such as restaurants, cafes, and others.

Other countries have information and statistics show the using of tobacco in food facilities, but in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not have any information or statistics refer to using of tobacco in the food facilities.

In this paper we will study the using of tobacco in food facilities and its effect on the people and their attitude, knowledge, resulting from its use, if any

We are also examining the relationship between the use of tobacco in places providing food and profit and the quality of food served and other diseases.

The coverage of H1N1 vaccination, the change in acceptance of receiving the vaccine and comparison between its coverage and that of the seasonal flue among nurses in a major Academic hospital in Saudi Arabia. د. عبدالله محمد عرفة


The objective of this study is to investigate the acceptability of H1N1 vaccine among Health Care Workers in a major public hospital (KKUH), and to observe the reasons behind low or high vaccine acceptance . In the past years, about six in 10 healthcare workers nationwide did not take the annual flu shot, even though, the public health experts illustrated its significance. Last year, because of the H1N1 flu terror, 60% of HCW were vaccinated according to exploratory data. We enrolled 415 nurses [ 26 male ( 6.4% ) and 383 female ( 93.6% ) with average age of 36 years ].in a  cross-sectional self-administered  anonymous survey . The study shows that 81.3%  of the nurses received the 2010-2011 H1N1 vaccine. 76.9% of the male and 81.6% of the female in the study received the 2010-2011 H1N1 vaccine .regarding  the reasons behind receiving the H1N1 vaccine are 90.4% due to self protection, 84.7% to protect others, and 38.1% being health care worker. According to the study, H1N1 2010/2009 vaccination rate was very low   ( 36.2% ). However, in regards to H1N1 2011/2010, this study has proven that the rate of vaccination among nurses in King Khalid University Hospital is getting high ( 81.3% ).    vaccination. Such a sharp increase in vaccination rate can be due to many interrelated factors including accessibility to vaccine, education, awareness, incidence of disease, and effective administrative system.

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