What is Internship Training Program?

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Internship training program is a mandatory training given to a student who has successfully fulfilled their graduation requirements. The intern has to undergo a duration of 12 months training and is being exposed to different areas.

This period is an integral part of the study in the field of medicine. The student is eligible to practice only after successful completing this period.

  • Goals of Internship Training Program:

  1. Enhancement and application of medical knowledge and skills through clinical training.

  2. To let interns work autonomously on their utmost capabilities paired with their professional competence and decision making abilities.

  3. To train interns to work harmoniously and collaboratively with the healthcare team within their scope of limitations, while seeking the advice of those who are more experience.

  4. To accustom with the right methods to deal with the patient and his family.

  5. To train interns in his communication and management skills.

  6. To abide in the ethical commitment of Application of ethics Muslim doctor in all its work and commitment to do so.

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