Duties and Responsibilities of Interns

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The following are the responsibilities that every intern must do during the period of his training in every department assigned:

  1. The interns first tasks is to assess the patient condition which encompasses of taking medical history, recording vital signs of each patients under his care and document the data observed in the patient’s file. He also needs to provide the initial diagnosis and propose preliminary diagnostic examinations and treatment plan upon the approval of medical team in-charge in the department assigned. Further, to monitor the implementation of the prescribed treatment and the results of tests required for the patient. Also, to observe the progress that occurs on the condition of the patient and document afterwards.

  2. Interns are also required to be present in each clinical rounds carried out by doctors and the healthcare team and to implement the orders advised by the attending physician. He also needs to participate in scientific activities and encourage the department to contribute in clinical research conducted by the department, which works under the supervision of a consultant from faculty members or others.

  3. Interns should comply the rules and regulations implemented in the institution being rotated.


Rights of an Intern:

  1. He should have his training under the direct supervision of consultants and specialists assigned to work with them.

  2. Depending on the hospital, every department and units provides a variety of cases or situations that will help interns nurture their capabilities in different specialties of medicine.

  3. Healthcare team members especially doctors are expected to provide support at all times to all interns.

  4. Departments and/or units that provide variety of educational programs can offer specific activities for intended for interns. These activities include a tutorial after seeing the patients so that cases are discussed at length, scientific lectures, and recent research reviews in the specialty and other educational activities that add value to the trainees.

  5. The doctor has the right to treat everyone observing the Islamic brotherhood and Customs Medical Fellowship, and in any case he gets harassed, he has to report it to the Internship Unit.

  6. The intern has to right to obtain the evaluation results given by the department he rotated.

  7. The intern has the right to leave after he finishes the period indicated for his duty rotation. 

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