Vision, Mission and Objectives of University

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A  University recognized for excellence  in education and community partnership


University endeavors to produce high-caliber graduates through providing education that aligns with international standard in an academic and research of outstanding human resources, effective community partnership and supportive structure.


The University’s main strategic objectives that emerged from a diagnostic studies and reference comparisons are as follows:

1- Nurturing the students and developing their abilities.

2- Attracting outstanding faculty members and retaining them.

3- Developing the education and providing an attracting educational environment.

4- Maintaining a continuous development and enhancing the applications qualities.

5- Serving graduates and interacting with the labor market.

6- Fulfilling the infrastructure of graduate studies and scientific research.

7- Completing University’s infrastructure.

8- Building an effective local and global partnership.

9- Growing SAU self-funding manners.

10- Establishing a supportive administration system. 

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